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Star Trek VII - The Undiscovered Talent

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I don't know about labeling the older posts. I was going to look arnuod and see if I could find a solution. I think the only way will be to start at the beginning and label each post. Do you have any suggestions? I'm thinking about removing the tags from the posts. But, I really like I'm really at a loss there.@hans, thanks! It was more time consuming than hard, although I did run into a couple of hitches. Yes, I am interested in the sticky message. I saw it on you blog, but couldn't find the tutorial. Of course, at the time, my brain was fried. I'll take a fresh look at it this morning. EEEKKKK! That is exactly what I want to do with my copywright statement. I will use your tip.And I saw the tutorial. I will see if I can get it working for me. I really like the look of it at the top of your blog. BTW, I'm so envious of you...the Italian Alps!!! Italy is one place I must visit. You are right about the speed of my blog :-( I think I may convert all my blogrolls over to perhaps one big one. And then open a link widget for each section that I have. The reason I went to the blogroll in the first place was because it was such a hassle to add links to the templat
Comment By: Jisan, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 4/5

2yVmA8 I really enjoy the blog post.Really thank you!
Comment By: link building, 25 Oct 2013, Rating: 2/5

xXLgGt A round of applause for your post.Thanks Again. Will read on...
Comment By: only for 5 dollars, 13 Sep 2013, Rating: 4/5

Did you happen to nocite what the pedestals of those statues were covering up? In case you didn't, please allow me to inform you that what is being obscured is a map of our sector of the Milky Way. The map shows the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun and the North Star and other major objects in our sector of the sky. The map is a work of genius. The map is laid out over several hundred feet in polished bronze as part of the terrazzo floor that covers the top of the dam. Not all of the map is obscured by the statuary-pedestals but important parts of it are rendered invisible. I think the way those statues were plopped down on top of that map is a bureaucratic travesty. FDR confidante Harold Ickes was the bureaucrat in charge of the Hoover Dam project so approval of the heroic sculpture is probably Ickes' responsibility. I am surprised Henry Kaiser let him get away with it.
Comment By: Mershan, 01 Apr 2013, Rating: 4/5

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