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Star Trek VIII - Spock Does Dutch

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Finally saw the movie at the IMAX yesterday. Aside from the ovlaoerd of being in the front row seats, I really enjoyed it. Being a long time trekker, I think they did a good job with this "reboot" of the franchise. The characters played off each other really well, the action was standard sci-fi but well done, great CGI, and it was fun! Sure, I had some niggles too. They played a little fast and loose with the tech. Transporting onto a ship in warp light years away? C'mon Also, what looked like factory space on board the ship(s) and having a standard push/lock door on an ice planet (with a little ewok gnome, but that is another story) seemed a bit incongruous. Also, have Spock "Prime" (is that like Optimus?) come in an save the day like Gandalf was a bit of a crutch. I'm not sure yet how I feel about Spock and Uhura being an item too. I do like how Abrams kind of gave things a bit of a "Galactica" look when shooting the space sequences, though not so much that it was uber obvious. All in all, worth seeing in the theater, esp. in IMAX, and a good start to a hopefully reinvigorated series. Let's face it, these guys will be going to Star Trek conven
Comment By: Pedro, 01 Dec 2015, Rating: 1/5

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Comment By: Hayat, 01 Aug 2013, Rating: 4/5

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