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Star Trek X - The Search For Grot

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haha, now this is the site I should have gone to first, yep thats all good stuff, yet one of the most ionrmtapt things in a campaign I believe is what makes the time you spend setting up the game worthwhile is when the PCs really get into the game and character, letting real world thoughts turn into inventive ideas for what their PCs will do. They need to have reason in a campaign, reason to fight and to travel or quest*(I use this word gravely; to go and slay a goblin den, well that is not much if any of a quest, though stopping the dwarf settlement from invading the elf's forest, thats a quest!), a need to be stronger, maybe a goal, or item to abtain. I base it off of who I know will be there that week, so that I would know that the mage and cleric and her brother the blind monk will meet, which leads to a lot of last minute work. A lot of PCs my friends create do not have much basis for action, so I can only make a list of names and groups and towns with a note or two by each and hope I can counter whatever idea they get, even if they end up being a group of bards they might end up raising an army (Its possible). Its fun no matter the time it takes. I think thats my two cents
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