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Johnny Foreigner 2

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my very first character was an Academician named Araedric.. It was a Mage Kit my DM was exctied about, and he convinced me to be exctied about it too, so I played it.He was particularly boring, but I don't think he had a handle on wtf he was doing - first encounter was a bunch of zombies that we ended up running from, and the second was a mysterious man on horseback who proceeded to give us draws from a Deck of Many Things - killing 2 of the players, and giving me a HUGE amount of gems, and a Henchman that was 4 levels higher then I was (me being a level 1).He then proceeded to kill off my henchman in the cruelest way possible, so I killed myself and quit.
Comment By: Alex, 15 Nov 2014, Rating: 3/5

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